San Elijo Hills Photographer

San Elijo Hills / San Marcos, CA Photographer

San Elijo Hills is on the west side of San Marcos, Ca. San Elijo Hills is a quaint hillside neighborhood with a 19 acre park right near town center. The highlight of San Elijo Hills town center is a gorgeous oversized fountain. SEH is perfect for nature photo shoots, fountain photo shoots and photography with city views.

San Marcos, home of San Elijo Hills, offers some great photography settings as well! Some favorites are Discovery Lake, Walnut Grove Park, Jack’s Pond Park (red barn, white picket fance & lake!) and Lake San Marcos.

The weather in San Marcos, CA is typically sunny and warm, although San Elijo Hills weather can have more fog in the AM.


San Elijo Hills / San Marcos Photography Locations

  • San Elijo Hills Fountain
  • San Elijo Hills Trails and Great Park
  • Lake San Marcos and Discovery Lake
  • Walnut Grove Park
  • Jack’s Pond


San Marcos, Ca Map