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San Diego Military Photographer, Tristan Quigley, specializes in a variety of military photo shoots ranging from coming home ceremonies, family photos with a pilot’s aircraft, and last flight photography.

FAQ – Military Photography

Q: Do you shoot military photography on location at Camp Pendleton?
A: I do! I will just need access to the base via my clients.

Q: Can you shoot military homecomings on the base?
A:  I love to photograph military homecomings on base!

Q: Should we wear full uniform for military photos?
A: I definitely suggest it. The pilots I have worked with usually wear their flight suits.

Q: Do you shoot military photography at naval base San Diego?
A: I will shoot at any base my clients can get me access to.

Q: What types of military photography do you do?
A: I shoot military homecomings, last flights on the flight line, and will incorporate military life into a newborn shoot if requested. I have done newborns with their fathers in dress blues, with flight helmets, you name it. Check out my Military Photography Gallery!