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Looking For Family Photos in San Diego? You’re In The Right Place!

If you are looking for some of the best places and reasons to get family photos in San Diego, I can definitely help you out. As a mom of 6 and a professional photographer for over 10 years who specializes in maternity, newborn and family photos in San Diego, I can tell you there are so many great options for your special shoot. There’s a little more to it than just choosing “the beach” or “a trail”. Many factors can play into a great location for your family.

The days of crowding the entire family into a brightly lit photography studio for this year’s Christmas card photo are behind us. Now, you’re more likely to see pictures of your friend’s kids playing on the beach, traipsing through a flowery field, or leaning up against a colorful urban mural. Luckily, finding unique and elegant backgrounds in a place like San Diego is simple, but at the same time, living in such a gorgeous city also makes finding the perfect place for your family photo extremely tricky. There are so many beautiful beaches, landscapes teeming with natural beauty, and unique works of urban art. How do you know which is best for your family photo? Here are a few things to think about when picking a location for your family photography session.


Ease of access is especially important when you are traveling with littles or a large group. Simply getting the kids into the car without completely destroying their matching outfits is harder than herding cats; keeping them in line as you make your way through the woods to that gorgeous lookout point is near impossible. To keep things as simple as possible on an already stressful day, look for a map of the location before you go. How close is the beach to the parking lot? Are there public restrooms available in case someone forgets to go potty before leaving the house? If you are going to a popular photography spot like Balboa Park, what times are best for avoiding the crowds? Pick a location that fits your standards as closely as possible to keep hassle to a minimum once the shoot starts.

family photos san diego


To get the best picture possible, don’t pick out the kids’ outfits and your location separately. You want these two parts of the whole to complement each other, or, at the very least, to not clash so much that it draws the eye away from your family’s smiling faces. Try to keep the patterns and vivid colors to a minimum and opt for neutrals where possible. Instead of making everyone in the pattern match each other perfectly, pick a color palette first and base the outfits off of the variety of shades in that group. You can then pair the palette with your location to see if they are a good fit.


Wind and temperature can occasionally work against you while you are taking family photos. Keep outfit choice in mind when planning for your photos. Luckily San Diego has some of the best weather on the planet. We still get some chilly days though, especially on the coast at the ideal sunset time. Luckily layers photograph beautifully, so don’t hesitate to pop on a little cardigan or cute sweater with your little one’s outfit to keep them more comfortable.

Top 3 Locations For Family Photos in San Diego

My top 5 locations to consider when doing family photos in San Diego is hard to choose. In first place, I would definitely choose the beach. It’s a client favorite and my most requested location. Great beaches include Cardiff, South Carlsbad, Torrey Pines and occasionally parts of La Jolla depending on the tides. For a more urban feel, I actually really enjoy shooting in downtown Encinitas & Leucadia. There is lots of construction going on, but there are still some great spots to be found! For more of a rustic look, San Diego has plenty of trails to offer. I love the Bataquitos Lagoon, some select San Elijo Hills trails. The winding paths in Rancho Santa Fe are always beautiful as well.

There you have it! If you are looking for some great family photos in San Diego and want gorgeous, timeless memories to treasure for years to come, book your session with me today! You can contact me here for more information!

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