Family Photography

Family Photography

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San Diego family photographer, Tristan Quigley, specializes in natural light photography.

FAQ – Family Photography

Q: Where are the places in San Diego for family photography?
A:  I leave it up to the client to decide what type of location they would like. Grassy fields, the beach, and locations with interesting backdrops are usually chosen. Check out my photography locations for ideas!

Q: What should we wear for our family photos?
A:  I usually suggest picking a few complimentary colors & basing the outfits off of that. Layers photograph well too. I suggest avoiding large logo tees, clashing prints on everyone, and having everyone wear the exact same thing. I have plenty of outfit examples I can email clients. Check out my Family Photography Gallery for ideas!

Q: What’s the best time of day to schedule family photos?
A:  Most of my family photo sessions are done in the last hour or two before sunset.

Q: Do you do Christmas card photos?
A:  I do! Fall is super busy around here. Please contact me asap for holiday photos.

Q: Can we bring our own props for our family photos?
A:  Absolutely! I also provide some of my own photo props if needed.