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Tristan Quigley, San Diego Children’s Photographer, specializes in natural light photography.

FAQ – Children’s Photography

Q: Where are the places in San Diego for children’s photography shoots?
A: I leave it up to the client to decide what type of location they would like. Grassy fields, the beach, and locations with interesting backdrops are usually chosen. I also have a variety of props to enhance the location. Check out my photography locations for ideas!

Q: What’s the best time of day to schedule a children’s photography shoot?
A: Most of my photo sessions are done in the last hour or two before sunset. I like to take natural light photography and the San Diego sun is so beautiful around that time!

Q: What types of props should we use for our children’s photo shoot?
A: Check out my Children’s Photography Gallery for ideas! I can supply props as needed, and Pinterest is great for ideas.