Tips For A Successful San Diego Family Photography Session

san diego family photography session

Need some advice on how to plan a successful San Diego family photography session?

Let’s face it. Preparing for a family photography session can be stressful. Planning the perfect outfit for everyone, location, and hoping everyone behaves can be draining. I get it! I am a mom of 6 & have been a San Diego family photography specialist for well over 10 years. Let me give you a few pointers to help make your session go as smoothly as possible!

Talk To Them

Children usually do best if they know what to expect. When most people think of family photography sessions they imagine standing in stiff poses with forced smiles for what feels like forever. If you are a client of mine, I can guarantee that is not what your San Diego family photography session will look like!! You can ease your kid’s minds…and your husband’s..that my sessions are fun, fast and engaging. We play. You laugh. We can be silly! My style is a nice mix of those favorite poses of everyone smiling and capturing your family’s authentic and genuine connections. Those are the portraits I promise you will cherish.

We Will Have Fun

Let them know how much fun it is going to be. “Today is picture day! We are going to meet my friend, Tristan, at the beach and she is going to take pictures of us while we play around! She’s so funny!” Positive attitudes are contagious. Like I mentioned previously, my sessions are quick moving and engaging. I promise you won’t be sitting or standing in the same spot for 40 minutes trying to get everyone to smile. Whether it’s a tickle fight, a bear hug or talking about dad’s stinky feet, we are there to capture the genuine moments.

I Want To See Their Personalities

Let the kids show their personalities. If they want to be funny or get some wiggles out, let them. Giving the kids an opportunity to be themselves keeps them engaged in the session, and it gives me an opportunity to capture their personality. We talk about their favorite subjects, sports, we may even run a race down the beach. I do pull them in for sweet moments with mom, but by that time they realize this shoot is relaxed and fun. The smiles will be pure and unforced which makes for the best photos!

san diego family photography beach session

Arriving Fed & Rested Helps

No one does well when they are tired and hungry. A packet of non-messy fruit snacks or crackers on the way could make all the difference in the world. Maybe search for a snack that is exciting and new to them….gummy snacks, Annie’s organic fruit rollups, or some rainbow goldfish crackers. Just avoid anything that will stain clothes on the way.

Plan Something Fun After The Session

Plan to do something fun after your photo session as a reward. A promise to go to the playground or stop for an ice cream gives them something to look forward to after and might help if a little one is ready to derail before a session is over.

Book A Full-Service Photographer

A lot of the stress leading up to your family photography session usually revolves around outfit planning or trying to find places to shop for the perfect outfits. When you book your San Diego family photography session with me, I do all of that for you! I even have a selection of dresses for women and children’s items for you to borrow from my client closet. Before your session I can also send plenty of links for places to shop and referrals for wonderful hair and makeup teams if you really want to treat yourself and get all dolled up!

I hope this article was helpful & eased some of your fears! If you are in San Diego or the surrounding areas and would like to book your fun family photography session with me, contact me through my website to capture these moments before they are gone forever!

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