Looking For A Newborn Photographer In San Diego?


Ready to hire a newborn photographer in San Diego?

Besides your wedding day, there is not really a more life-altering time than having a new baby. You are going from a couple to a family of three…maybe more.  It is an extremely special point in your life, and that is why it is so important to freeze this fleeting time with professional newborn pictures.  As a long-time newborn photographer in San Diego, let me chat about newborn photography and help you figure out how to find the best newborn photographer in San Diego for you.

Capturing Their Tininess

First and foremost, time is of the essence!  When it comes to newborn photography, the first two weeks of life is usually the best time for photos.  The younger the baby, the harder and deeper they sleep, pretty much only waking to eat or be changed.  At about two weeks of age, babies are staying awake a bit longer, the newborn acne and peeling sets in and they become a little less willing to settle into the squishy newborn poses you have probably seen.  Newborn photographers want babies to be in a deep sleep, so we can put them in those adorable positions.  Sometimes at about three weeks of age, babies like to straighten out and do not want to curl up as tightly like they were in the womb.  That doesn’t apply to all babies, but it’s a typical timeline. A lot of newborn props require the baby to be nice, curly and snug not only for looks, but their safety as well. Knowing who will be your newborn photographer in San Diego BEFORE you give birth is a great idea! Most well-established, in-demand photographers only have limited spots for newborn clients. Make sure to inquire during your pregnancy if possible.

How To Find A Great Newborn Photographer In San Diego

While Instagram and Pinterest are great for inspiration, they are not going to be helpful in finding a local photographer. Google is your friend here. Do a search for “[insert your town name] Newborn Photographer” and start looking through galleries.  Taking personal recommendations from friends is also a good idea as well. The single most important factor in finding the right photographer is their work.  A professional should have a gallery devoted to newborn photography. If they don’t or if the same few babies are shown multiple times, that can be a sign of little experience.  That is not something you want when handing over your most precious belonging. Style matters too. You want to find a photographer whose style is what draws you, and style is a personal preference.  Once you a photographer with work you like, head to their Instagram page to look for some more current work.  I know I’m not the best at updating my website galleries monthly, but my Instagram page is active 3+ times a week!  Blogs with multiple images from a session might help as well so you can get a better idea as to their consistency.  You don’t want a photographer who will give you only a single image you love while the rest are just so so.


What Are Your Goals For The Art?

Hopefully, you found a photographer whose work you really like.  There are two more things to consider when choosing your photographer.  First, what are you really looking for?  Do you want an art piece to be on your wall for years?  Do you want a wall gallery?  An album?  Only digital files? A combo of everything? Photographers vary in what they offer and some will not sell digital files, and some are digital-only. Make sure to ask! I like a happy medium and want my clients to have the digitals they love and also provide them with gorgeous art they can see in their homes. Life gets busy and it’s way too easy to forget about those digital files you have sitting on the computer.

What About Pricing?

Only after all these factors are accounted for should you factor in pricing.  I say this because if you make pricing the first filter, you will cut some of the very best photographers.  After looking through their work, you might fall in love with a photographer and change your mindset on what you are willing to spend. You also might decide that you would be happy with fewer images in order to have their work hanging on your walls. I cannot stress this enough. Someone inexperienced might offer 100 photos for a low price, but think about it. Do you really need 100 photos for your wall? Are you head over heels in love with their style? If the answer is no, hire the person who will create the art you want and hang those special photos for everyone to see, even if it’s only 5 of them! Being a photographer, of course I am biased, but I really believe you get what you pay for.  Everyone has a budget, and the value an individual places on photography greatly varies.  This is okay, just know what is important to you.  If pricing is important to you, be sure to get all of the pricing information up front, so there are no surprises. Also keep in mind that someone who is low priced, might not have the years of experience and safety training needed to handle your bundle of joy. Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer about their specific training and background.

Want gorgeous images that you will cherish forever?

As a newborn photographer in San Diego with over 10 years of experience and mom of 6, I’d love to capture these special moments in your life. Contact me to book your one of a kind session! I can’t wait to work with you!

Newborns and maternity are a speciality of mine, but I also love shooting family sessions as well. Check out this blog post for more information.

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