Looking For A San Diego Newborn Photography Specialist?

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Ever wonder what to look for when hiring a San Diego newborn photography specialist?

If you’re here you must be expecting a little bundle of joy! It’s time to start thinking about how you want to capture these amazing & fleeting moments. Your baby will only be this tiny for such a short period of time, so it is important to capture these memories to remember those tiny details. Newborn photos are some of the most important photos you will ever have, so choosing the right San Diego newborn photography expert to capture this time is very important.

Newborn photographers not only will be creating special memories you’ll have forever, but they will also be caring for your new baby while the session takes place. You want to ensure your baby is in the best hands. Here are some things to consider when choosing your newborn photographer. As a mom of 6 and San Diego newborn photography specialist for over 10+ years, I promise you your baby is in the best hands and you will walk away with gorgeous heirloom quality images to treasure. I hope that if you are located in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas or the surrounding areas, you will choose Tristan Quigley Photography for your San Diego newborn photography needs.

Newborn Safety

Choosing a newborn photographer can be stressful. Especially when considering all of the factors that go into your decision. The safety of your newborn is by far the most important thing to consider when picking your San Diego newborn photography expert. Of course you want gorgeous photos, but most importantly you should choose someone who knows how to handle, care for, and pose your baby safely. I know you have spent your days agonizing over the best carseat, stroller and diapers. It makes sense to look for the  same level of care & expertise when choosing someone who is going to handle your brand new baby.

san diego newborn photography

San Diego Newborn Photography Style

There are so many different styles of newborn photography. It is important to note what style you are drawn to and find a photographer that does it well. You could love the posed newborn style, lifestyle sessions, or even baby-led posing. You might even love a mix of all three!

During a posed newborn session, the baby is gently guided into sweet curly poses, snuggly wrapped, and/or placed in cute props. This type of session takes a high level of experience and safety training from the photographer. Sessions typically last 2 to 3 hours. Most lifestyle sessions take place in the home. Occasionally a photographer has a studio large enough to accomate some lifestyle “posing” during a typical posed newborn session as well. Baby-led posing is simply creating a relaxing environment for your newborn and allowing find a position that is comfy and natural for them. I often have parents bring baby in nothing but a white onesie for this part of the session. If you choose to do a San Diego newborn photography session with me, I specialize in all three styles and will work with you to acomplish your vision for your session.


The most common question when scheduling newborn photos is “When is the best time to do newborn portraits?” Since your baby grows so fast, it is important to capture them early. In the first few weeks after delivery, your new baby is bendy, tiny and extra sleepy. It is the perfect time to have a newborn session. I typically recommend around 10 to 16 days old for portrait sessions give or take. I have worked with babies fresh out of the hospital to babies that are over 5 weeks old for traditional newborn portraits. Reach out to me to find the perfect time for your family.

Photography Experience

It is very important to figure in the level of experience of a photographer when searching for the right newborn photographer. This is your most precious belonging! Here are a few questions to ask:

How many years have you been working as a newborn photographer?

How many newborn sessions have you done?

What training have you received in newborn photography and safety techniques?

Do you composite your images if needed?

The cost for newborn portraits can vary a lot. Some things to take into consideration are your location, session duration, the photographer’s experience, their level of training, and the level of service you get. Do they have a studio? Do you have access to a client wardrobe? Are they a legal business? Insured? It is important to remember that photographers put much more into a session than just the time spent taking photos. A photographer running a legal business with insurance, lots of training, other business expenses and offering a custom experience will almost always be more expensive. When booking your session, always remember, you get what you pay for. Your baby’s safety is worth it!

I would love to work with you during this amazing time in your life! These moments are fleeting. I cant wait to capture them for you! Contact me at Tristan Quigley Photography to book your session. If you are still needing maternity photos, check out this blog post as well!

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