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San Diego Family Photographer, Tristan Quigley, explains how to prep your kids for a great family photography experience!

Hi! I’m Tristan. Your super-fun San Diego family photographer! So you are thinking about booking a family photography session? Read on for some great advice.

Moms, we have all been there. You start planning your family photography session with so much excitement. And then it hits you. Will my children behave? What if they have a meltdown or refuse to smile? Do I need to bribe them? What should I tell them before the session? Preparing kids for family photos doesn’t have to be hard. As a San Diego family photographer with over 10 years of experience and six kids of my own, I’ve got you covered!

Good news for you, I welcome silly behavior and kids being kids. We want their true personalities to shine through. Maybe they are shy. Maybe they are super outgoing. Either is ok! You will have plenty of photos you love in your gallery. Repeat after me. Family photos can be fun! Let’s take the pressure off. Here are five simple ways to get your children prepared to have some fun during your family photography session.

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