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Carlsbad newborn photographer, Tristan Quigley, gives you a few simple tips to help make your newborn photography session go a little bit smoother.

Hi! I’m Tristan! I’m a San Diego, Encinitas  & Carlsbad newborn photographer who also specializes in maternity and family photography. Need some advice to make your newborn photography session go a little easier? Read on!

Your sweet baby is arriving soon and you’ve booked a newborn photo session with me. As a long-time Carlsbad newborn photographer, I promise you won’t regret investing in your memories. But now what? It is normal to have questions, but it is my job to help walk you through this process. Each baby is different, but being prepared can be the difference between a good session and a great one. Here are five ways to prepare for your newborn session that will help everyone involved.

Communicating With Your Photographer is Key

I always communicate with my clients before the session to answer any questions. Expect to receive an email with all of these helpful tips and then some.  Most of the time parents plan on being in some of the photos, while others do not. I offer newborn sessions that are just wrapped poses of the baby only and another that includes parents, siblings and extra poses. If you are planning on doing family shots, your email will also include tips on what to wear. If your baby was born with some complications, don’t be afraid to let me know. I’ve worked with newborns for well over 10 years and have extensive safety training Handling your baby in the safest way is my top priority.

Avoid Doctors Appointments & A Photography Session Back to Back

This usually isn’t a problem, but try not to book a doctor’s appointment the same day as your session. It’s a lot for your baby, especially with shots and adds a lot of extra stress on you. I remember how tired my body was after I had my babies. Keeping a light daily schedule lets your body get the rest it needs and makes for a happier baby. Although your newborn photo session will be a beautiful and fun experience, it can be tiring too for both you and your baby. You both just went through a major life change!

If you have a boy and plan on circumcising him, let me know so we can plan the session around that. Your baby will potentially be sensitive, so we can plan to keep the diaper on for the majority of the session.

Bring Important Baby Items

If you are bottle-feeding with formula or breast milk, keep one handy. They are great to top off baby if he or she starts to wake up in the middle of a session. If you are breastfeeding exclusively, we can just pop your sweet baby on the breast even in the wraps! Easy peasy!

If you are comfortable using a pacifier, they can really help soothe a baby if they are having trouble settling. Sucking calms them naturally. Having a pacifier handy can help your get the baby to sleep without moving them much, thus allowing time for more pictures.

Having extra diapers on hand is always helpful. Babies poop. A LOT. I have diapers stashed with me for my youngest wherever I go!

Besides that, I have everything else we will need. Swaddles, outfits, tiny headbands, props, burp rags,  you name it. You just bring the adorable baby!

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Relax, Be Flexible and Enjoy the Photography Session

Getting out of the door for a newborn photography session can be a little stressful. If the baby is your firstborn, everything is new for you. If you have toddlers running around, you have crazy, little people to get dressed. I’m a mom of 6. Trust me. I know how it is and I have seen it all. Pee and poop will happen. Crying siblings and fussy babies will happen. Dad falls asleep during the session might happen. If your boobs leak, no worries! If the baby needs to eat 3 times, don’t stress mama! I’ve got you. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

Try to be a little flexible with feeding the day of your session as well. I always suggest giving the baby a nice feed just before leaving the house. We need more water when we exercise and baby will need more milk this day most likely. Try not to stress if the day of your session your feeding schedule is a little different from your regular routine.

And the most important piece of advice of all: Enjoy it! Your newborn images will be beautiful. You will look back on these photos and your heart will just burst. It will be a constant reminder of the tiny, little life you brought into this world. Your job for the few hours you are with me is to sit back, sip a coffee, relax and enjoy watching me work my magic. I can’t wait to create timeless art for you to treasure for years to come!

Wondering when to book your newborn photography session?

Check out this post I wrote! If you are a photographer looking for extra safety tips, here is a great article to check out.

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