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When is the best time for a session with a La Jolla maternity photographer?

I’ve been a professional San Diego & La Jolla maternity photographer who also specializes in newborns & families for over 10 years. I know this time in your life is exciting! Let’s talk about the ideal time for your maternity photography session.

You might feel as though it takes a lot of guesswork on when to schedule your special day. As you can imagine, scheduling your maternity photo session is a bit of art and science. It’s not just about I’m not just talking about capturing the perfect poses and lighting. Babies have their own ideas and timelines about when they’re going to make their grand entrance into the world. Some mothers go into labor weeks before their scheduled due date. This can make for a scheduling fiasco!

It’s impossible to capture maternity photos after a baby is born, so let’s find the best time for you!

Reasons to Book A Session With A La Jolla Maternity Photographer Between weeks 30 and 37

As a long-time professional and mom of 6, I aim to schedule maternity sessions between week 30 and week 37. There are multiple reasons why this timing provides the ideal window for the most beautiful and priceless images.

Don’t forget: The best time to book your session is at the beginning of your second-trimester if possible. This guarantees there is space in the schedule and allows you to prepare ahead of time, find an outfit and schedule hair and makeup if desired. While you’re at it, you can schedule your newborn photography session. All of my maternity clients receive $50 off their newborn session!

Show Off That Belly

The goal of a maternity session is to capture the essence and beauty of this amazing stage in your life. Capturing the glow, the unbridled love and the magic of a body that is able to grow and nourish a new human being. Once you start getting into that third trimester, it becomes more real by the day!

The tricky part about waiting is that most women find the third trimester has a few more ups and downs. Most mothers report that during the first half of the third trimester they still feel great. You can usually move pretty comfortably and are sleeping fairly well. Sometimes the second half gets way more challenging when it comes to sleeping for long stretches and it gets more and more challenging to move around as freely as you did before.

By aiming for that window between weeks 30 and 37, we can capture those beautiful new curves during a time period when you’re still feeling really great!

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Moving Comfortably & Safely

When I’m choosing a location, safety is always top of the list when it comes to my clients. Usual locations include the beach or a short walk to a gorgeous trail location. I definitely don’t want a pregnant mama to overdo it. Scheduling the session before you hit that possible uncomfortable period would definitely be helpful.

Also, along the lines of comfort, I want you to feel your best. Getting extra rest before your session or not hitting the point where you just feel ready to pop Is helpful! Regardless, I’m here to make you feel like the gorgeous mama you are! I want you to look at these images and feel nothing short of amazing.

Baby Registry

Have you thought about adding a session with a San Diego & La Jolla maternity photographer to your registry? You should! This is a great way to help with the cost of a session. People love getting you unique gifts. I know I would much rather put money towards something a mama can cherish for years to come vs a matching towel set (not that there is anything wrong with gorgeous linens..hah!!) Most baby showers take place during the end of the second -or beginning of the third- trimester which is also the ideal time to schedule your maternity session. Ideally, you will have some gorgeous images to display at your event!

Ready to book your session? Head over to my contact page to get on the schedule! I can’t wait to work with you!

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