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Encinitas Family Photography - Encinitas, CA- Tristan Quigley Photography

Happy Saturday everyone! Here is another sneak peek of an adorable family I met a few years ago. I did their family photography session for the holidays when their twin boys were just infants. Now they are running around like crazy! Time flies. Trying to get the two little ones to hold still for a split second or look in the general direction of the camera was quite the feat! They kept me on my toes though and I had a great time doing their family photography session this year.

Encinitas Family Photography Session

What’s the best way to remember a once-in-a lifetime experience? Well, there is no better solution than with photographs. I met this adorable family two years ago and got to photography them for their first Christmas together as parents! The little ones were just infants back then but now they’re running around like crazy (just like any other toddler) while we do our session today–and boy are those twin boys growing fast!!! It was so sweet watching how much love these guys have put into raising such wonderful children already; you can see it all over your screen if you stop long enough.

Toddlers can be hard to photograph, especially when there are more than one! I usually suggest bringing a small treat such as a pack of fruit snacks or a few marshmallows to get their attention and to use as a reward. I try to never make a small child sit for long period of time and pose. I keep the photography session flowing as fast as possible. I also try to engage them with silly noises, asking funny questions, or just general goofiness. I’m pretty good at being silly.

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Enjoy the sneak peek!

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