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Carlsbad Family Photography - Carlsbad, CA- Tristan Quigley Photography

 Family Photography Session

Happy Friday everyone! Another great weekend is upon us. I will be very busy shooting a bunch of family photography sessions throughout Carlsbad, Encinitas, and San Diego. It’s definitely my busy season here, but I love it. I had such a great time photographing a wonderful family this past weekend. They were a blast to work with. The park in Carlsbad we chose for the photos was super busy, but luckily we found some great spots to use. I think everyone one in the county was there for their family photography session.

Carlsbad Family Photography - Carlsbad, CA- Tristan Quigley Photography

It is so different photographing families with older children. A photographer’s usual bags of tricks they use for a toddler like funny noises, a silly stuffed animal, etc. have no effect on an older child. I usually just start a conversation and try to catch them when they are a lot more relaxed. Worst case, the parents are usually doing something embarrassing to make their kids laugh. It works every time! Luckily, these three amazing kids made my job easy.

Enjoy the speak peek!

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