A recent blog post from Tristan featuring her own children and a new site update

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Here is my long overdue post featuring my own kids! I’m embarrassed to say these were taken in early December and are just now making it on to my blog. Things have been really busy though. There are a few exciting changes in the works for Tristan Quigley Photography. I am just about finished with a brand new site update that I just launched. I am still changing some things around, but it is live finally. I also want to make an effort to post more of my everyday images whether it be from “good” camera or some shots I took on my iPhone. I committed myself to taking at least one photo a day with my iPhone last year. I only missed one day & I plan on doing it again this year. It is a great way for my family on the east coast to see how the girls are doing. I’ll make sure to post some of those here as well.

I thought I would share a few of my most favorite subjects in the world…..my 3 beautiful girls. They definitely give me a run for my money when I am trying to photograph them. Taking photos of my own kids is 1000x harder than doing a session for a client. Riley is in a stage where she claims she doesn’t know how to smile. Zoe either stares at me like she wants to smash my camera or sticks her chin up & gives me a huge cheese grin. Harper is pretty easy right now thankfully, but when she is done she is DONE. Frowns or goofy grins, I still love them with all of my heart.

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