happy thanksgiving | san diego family photographer

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year Thanksgiving seems extra special, because last night a good friend of ours made it home safely from a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan. To say his wife, Jamie, and their two little boys were excited to see him would be a huge understatement! His youngest wasn’t even crawling before he left, and now he is running everywhere, climbing on to tables, and starting to talk.

Through the past 7 months, I’ve tried to be the best friend I could be to Jamie. Listening to her worries, frustrations, and just being there when she needed someone to talk to. I watched her take care of her boys by herself & tried to give her much needed breaks whenever I could. She was and is a wonderful mother & her strength through it all was amazing.

To Nic…..I know I speak for not only my family, but for the entire country when I say “THANK YOU!” for all that you do. You put your life in danger everyday to protect us and we are eternally grateful for your bravery. You guys are like family to us and we are so excited to have you home & we are extremely lucky to have you as neighbors!

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving!

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