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Good morning! Each Monday I am planning on having a “mine on monday” post. It is nice reminder for me to make sure I am taking pictures of my own family & not forgetting the day to day stuff that is usually forgotten only months down the road. Some photos might be from recent sessions I have done with the girls, and other times they might just be quick snapshots I took to remember everyday life.

Today’s post is all about my oldest daughter, Riley. She is turning 4 this week & I cannot believe it. It seems like yesterday I was just finding out I was expecting! I love her to pieces….her quirks and all. She is a mama’s girl. She loves ladybugs, worms, and rolly pollies. She will put on nothing but tights & fairy wings and go play in the mud. She has a knack for whining a good majority of the day, but she also has the ability to melt your heart with one hug. It is a miracle if her clothes are still on 5 minutes after we walk in the door. She loves her little sister and is usually willing to help take care of her. She has a mind like a trap & will remember the weirdest things at the most random times. She is my little punkin. She made me a mother & she helped inspire me to become a better photographer. I would not be where I am today without her. Happy Birthday to my sweet Riley. I am so lucky you are mine!

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