Getting started

Your portrait session should be a reflection of your family. Before our session we can chat over the phone or email to discuss your expectations, ideas, and goals for our session.

Choosing a location

Finding the perfect location is an important part of planning for the photo shoot you are envisioning. I have certain places I like to shoot at and usually make a recommendation based on your personality and style, but I always welcome your location ideas.


Helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing outfits:

Think coordinating, not matching. Incorporate colors and patterns that fit well together. I usually suggest choosing a few complimentary colors and going from there or if you have a favorite outfit in mind for one family member, piece together the rest of the outfits based on that.

Don't be afraid of color! Choose a few neutral colors, and then add a few bright accents to your outfits. Accessories such as scarves, necklaces, and clothing layers are great for this.

Try to avoid large logos on shirts.

Always feel free to ask for suggestions or examples of outfits before your session.


Get your kids excited for the session and let them know how much fun it will be, but no need to over prepare them or add too much pressure for "best behavior"

Make sure to have fun yourself & the kids will usually follow suite. If a tantrum occurs, try not to stress. I have three kids. I've seen it all.

My goal is to capture their true expressions and what makes the special. Keeping it light and fun is essential to that.

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