A few things to help prepare for your session...

Newborn sessions take place within the first two weeks of life. 5-10 days old is usually ideal if possible. If you are nursing, your milk should be in which will help keep the baby happier for longer. Babies under two weeks are usually still very sleepy and will tolerate the gentle posing a lot better. Most times the newborn acne hasn't set in yet either. Most importantly, newborns change and grow so fast! You want to capture these amazing first few days!
Plan to be at the studio for 2-4 hours. A typical newborn session will last about 3 hours. A good chunk of a normal newborn session is spent feeding, soothing the baby in between poses, getting the baby to sleep.
Dress your baby in an outfit that is easily removed. Avoid things that need to pull over the head such as onesies.

Things to bring along...

A pacifier if you allow one.

Anything you need for feeding. An extra bottle is a good idea if you are bottle feeding.

Feel free to bring along something to do (book, iPad, etc.) Posing and soothing newborns can take some time. This is a great time to rest and relax and let me do all the work!

What I want you to know...

I can almost guarantee that baby will pee, poo, or spit up on the blankets, props, myself. This is OK! It happens all the time during my newborn sessions. I expect it, so please don't even give it a second thought or worry. All of the items are washed or dry cleaned after all sessions.

Your baby may cry or need a little extra time to sooth. This is expected and completely normal. I don't ever try to rush a baby and definitely don't mind taking extra time to make sure he or she is happy.

I provide everything needed for the session including hats, props, and blankets. If there is a special item you want photographed with the baby, please feel free to bring it. If you and your spouse and/or children would like to be in some photos, I usually suggest picking out an outfit that is a lighter neutral color. White, cream, light pink/peach, light blues, etc. are all great. I can help you plan your outfits if needed.

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